The new 10-man raid in World of Warcraft SOD is the familiar Dark Depths, which is now filled with retuned bosses that require new strategies. This information all comes from IGGM

One of the biggest changes to World of Warcraft Classic in Season of Discovery is its level content. In the first stage, players can reach level 25, which will increase to level 40, 50, and finally 60 in later stages. There's a new Raid at the end of each new stage, and for the first stage, the WoW SoD team has completely refocused Blackfathom Deeps from dungeons to 10-player raids.

Each BFD boss has been completely reworked from the classic version, so players must adopt new strategies to take down the re-tuned and enlarged BFD bosses. This guide explains how players should prepare for raids, as well as strategies for each role (DPS, healers, and tanks) for quick reference before each fight.

The Dark Abyss is located northwest of Ashenvale, on the north coast of the Zoram Coast. In the first phase, BFD will be available as a top-level raid, but in later phases, it will become an optional raid that players can do while leveling up to gain high-level loot and mission XP. The Raid features seven bosses spread across a revamped underwater maze.

Currently, the best raid combination is two healers, two tanks, and six DPS with at least some interruption between them. Before heading to an instance, though, be sure to enchant your gear and pick up some consumables to help with certain mechanics. Some useful consumables include:

Shadow Protection Potion, suitable for Twilight Lord Kyris' second phase and Grihast's Murloc Wave (in some cases)
Potion of free movement to prevent Twilight Lord Kyris' abilities from being interrupted
A food consumable that provides a buff to your class's primary stats

Remember to stop by Darnassus on the way to the Dark Abyss to receive the gift of the Dark Abyss world gain. This world buff is automatically given to everyone in Darnassus when any player completes the final Dark Abyss quest. It increases hit chance, critical hit chance, AP and SP, and movement speed - plus, it lasts for two hours. But the most important thing is to have enough WOW Classic SOD Gold to strengthen your profession. I suggest you go to IGGM to buy.